Our Heritage Jadau Jewellery


The journey of each art piece is unique, as no two pieces are the same. From the initial sketches and concepts to handcrafting and finishing, the jewels express a sacred allure. The expert knowledge of the right stones, combined with the finesse of shaping, placement and mounting of rare gems, enhances the value of the piece.


Being close to the cultural milieu of Rajasthan, Raniwala is able to share the benefits of the right price, while maintaining the precise standards of workmanship and impeccable designs. An integral part of the bridal trousseau, these precious pieces are thereafter passed on as heirlooms and epitomise Indian culture.


Artfully Crafted


We don't create products, we craft perfection-seeking jewellery that lasts for generations. The culturally endowed land of Rajasthan inspires us to travel back to our roots and make creations that pay homage to the traditional art of making. With a delicate balance of time-honed skills, respect for tradition and the heritage of the Raniwala family, what we offer is a promise of a timeless treasure.